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PCS Digital Telephone Systems

Introducing the PCS Digital Telephone System. Crisp and clear digital communications solution now for your office the PCS name is famous for. Its all digital.all the time!

3 Year PCS Digital factory warranty - The PCS name stands behind the longest guarantee in the telecom industry providing peace of mind and protection for your investment. Most other brands of telephone systems provide you only 1 year of warranty. Are they up to the 3 year PCS Digital guarantee challenge?

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PCS digital telephone in black Need an extra PCS Digital phone?

PCS Digital Economy - PCS Digital Telephone systems are priced up to 50% below the cost thresholds of AVAYA and NORTEL.providing you cost savings and outstanding performance package.

Manage 2-25 phone lines to the fullest potential. Supports all telephone lines, rollover business lines in hunt and call forwarding. Available with integrated PCS Digital Automated Attendant, PCS Voice Mail and PCS Voice Messaging system. PCS Digital technology also provides cutting edge IP telephony integration with the Suite 64.

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